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Peavey Digitool LIVE 8-in/8-out Audio Multi-processor/PA Management


Peavey Digitool LIVE 8-in/8-out Audio Multi-processor/PA Management


Peavey Digitool LIVE 8-in/8-out Audio Multi-processor/PA Management


The Digitool MX 16, MX32 and Live are a family of digital audio processing units built on the rich history of the original Digitool MX and designed for the audio professional. These products have the power and flexibility to perform loudspeaker management functions in addition to matrix mixing, room combining and other audio processing functions for installed and portable sound systems. Each model features a full-color display screen, front navigation and editing controls, front panel input and output mute buttons and LED meters to simply configuration. They can also be configured using a Windows application via USB or Ethernet.


Full-color, graphic LCD for easy front panel control
Windows GUI for setup and control
Front-panel USB “B” port for setup
Full matrix routing with mute and level control at each cross-point
XLR input and output connectors on Digitool LIVE
Input and output filters including: PEQ, hi-shelf, lo-shelf, hi-pass, all-pass and horn-EQ
Crossover filters to fourth order, including Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley alignments
Rear-panel Ethernet port for setup
Delay of up to 2.5 seconds on each input and output with sample period resolution
Gate and compressor on every input
8 CV “control voltage” inputs that can be programmed as level and mute controls
Compressor/limiter on every output
Stereo AES input MX16 and LIVE (2 stereo AES inputs on the MX32)
Digitally controlled analog input and output level controls for maximum dynamic range
Front panel input and output mute buttons
4 audio-triggered, priority mute buses
48V phantom power switchable on each input
Automix capability
8 mic/line inputs and 8 line outputs (MX16 and LIVE)
Signal generator
Copy/Paste of input and output settings
100V to 240VAC 50/60 Hz power inlet
Preset storage and recall (8 internal preset locations)
5-segment LED meters on inputs and outputs
Firmware can be field updated
Rear-panel ears and strap for easy cable management
RS-485 input for external control of level, mute and preset recall
Weight Unpacked: 10.69 lb(4.85 kg)


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