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Peavey Elements 115C 105X60RT Passive Weatherproof 15″ Speaker


Peavey Elements 115C 105X60RT Passive Weatherproof 15″ Speaker   PRO AUDIO   Item #: 03608680



The new Peavey Elements® weather-proof loudspeakers bring the renowned clarity, power handling and reliability of Peavey sound reinforcement to a series of American-made IP56 rated weather-proof enclosures designed for outdoor installations. Gone are the days of hanging molded enclosures outside only to replace the speaker in a year or two. The all-new incredibly durable, reliable and versatile Elements weather-proof enclosures are a combination of innovative cabinet construction and proven, weatherized components designed for direct contact with the elements in the most demanding climates.

The Elements C series of composite enclosures are constructed from an advanced composite fiberboard material that is dimensionally stable in wet conditions and resists contamination, yet has the resonant properties of wood. This light and durable material ensures unmatched sonic performance while providing year after year of reliable service. The aluminum grills of the Elements C series enclosures feature a barrier membrane that repels water yet allows moisture to escape and does not affect the sonic performance of the loudspeaker.

The IP56 rated Elements C series is available in three two-way full range configurations and as a flyable subwoofer. The Elements 115C and Elements 112C debut new 15″ and 12″ weather proof Black Widow® woofers and an RX™22 2″ titanium diaphragm compression driver tweeter coupled to a Quadratic-Throat Waveguide® rotatable horn. The Elements 115C and Elements 112C can each be ordered with either a 60 X 40 or a 105 X 60 horn.


Two-Way Outdoor Fully-Weatherized Speaker System
Controlled dispersion patterns: either 60 by 40 degrees, or 105 by 60 degrees
2″ diaphragm, 1″ exit, Ferrofluid equipped RX22™ compression driver
Externally selectable Indoor/Outdoor EQ settings
Excellent power handling capabilities
All external hardware is Stainless Steel
Cabinet coated in black Hammerhead™ poly-urea finish
Water-Resistant Black Widow® woofer with 1000 watt program rating
70 Volt transformer option available, easily upgraded in the field
Triple-layer perforated SS moisture-repellant grille
Overall system weatherization rating of: IP56
Enclosure is made of advanced technology composite fiber panels
Versatile suspension provisions: 3/8″ eyebolts or VM70 bracket or Pole Mount
500 W continuous
Rotatable horn section for widest coverage of the horizontal OR vertical
1,000 W program
Patented Quadratic Throat Waveguide™
2,000 W peak
Weather-sealed input cup cover with gland nut
Weight Packed: 67.79 lb(30.75 kg)
Width Packed: 20.25″(51.435 cm)
Height Packed: 33″(83.82 cm)
Depth Packed: 20″(50.8 cm)


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