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Fender G- Dec 30 Guitar Amp W/ Modeling/ Songs & Tuner SOLD


Fender G- Dec 30 Guitar Amp W/ Modeling/ Songs & Tuner

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This is a Used Item in like new condition. Includes 30 Day Warranty

A bigger, more powerful version of the G-DEC with more presets and features.

The Fender G-DEC 30 is an updated version of the top-selling, award-winning G-DEC that gives guitarists even more of what they loved about the original with upgrades based on customer feedback from around the world. As with its predecessor, the G-DEC 30 is a guitar amplifier with digital amp modeling, effects, backing loops, phrase sampler, and tuner, all in one great-sounding package. A total of 76 Performance Preset (38 performance and 38 teacher) includes all of the originals plus numerous additional loops. Each Performance Preset includes drum beats, bass lines, and other instruments that provide a musical backing track that is fully customizable. The added Composition Mode also allows individual measures to be combined by the user into whole songs.

The professional-quality suite of amps, effects, and backing loops in the G-DEC 30 can be sent out to external cabinets or PA systems through rear-panel speaker and line outputs. CD or MP3 devices can also be easily hooked up for play-along practice. The internal 28-second Phrase Sampler can sample the incoming guitar signal to create loops, or song snippets may be captured for careful study. The Phrase Sampler can also create sound on sound overdubs for spontaneous musical creations.

Additional features include on-board MIDI song file memory; an optional 4-button footswitch that can access program selection and stop-start functions; and the ability for future software upgrades from Fender to easily be loaded via MIDI.


  • 30W power
  • 10″ Special Design speaker
  • Teacher input on rear panel
  • Easy recall of guitar tones
  • Special effects
  • 85 preset drum loops plus metronome
  • 100 Performance Presets (50 factory, 50 user)
  • Special Composition Mode
  • Internal synthesizer with MIDI
  • MIDI song file storage
  • Guitar tuner
  • CD or MP3 device input
  • 28-second Phrase Sampler with overdubs
  • Future software upgrades loaded via MIDI
  • Optional footswitch allows remote access to select features
  • Left and Right line outputs with speaker-emulation
  • External speaker output


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