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Kat Expansion Pad Pack F/ Kt2

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Kat Expansion Pad Pack F/ Kt2

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Control for your inner freak. When it comes to tweaking your sound to exactly the way you want it, the kt4 puts you in complete control. Voice controls include tuning, panning, decay, volume level per zone, reverb amount per zone, MIDI control, plus a selection of DSP room and hall reverbs. Also included is a 4-band EQ to help you tailor each kit and each component to fit any musical style. The kt4 module with its built-in general MIDI sound card includes 142 internal play-along songs and tap sounds that are both fun and challenging. With the included SD memory card, you can load an additional 100 play-along midi files from your own collection of compositions. Custom programmed kits can also back-up to the SD card for safe keeping. Making the connections: The kt4 has all the connectivity you have come to expect from a KAT kit. A pair of 1/4-inch stereo output jacks accommodate direct recording and mixer amplification. A stereo input jack allows you to plug in your mp3 player so you can play-along and practice to your favorite tunes. The rear panel of the kt4 module has standard MIDI in/out ports and a USB 3.0 compatible port that plugs directly into your PC or Mac, allowing you to interface with the software of your choice. Included: kt4 Module, Power Supply, Wire Harness, Mount Bracket, SD Card, Manual

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