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Peavey 16FX 16 Channel Mixer W/USB SOLD

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Peavey 16FX 16 Channel Mixer W/USB

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This is a USED item. I Great condition. Includes 30 day warranty. 

The Peavey 16FX 16-channel mixer with effects combines exclusive Silencer mic preamps, dual DSP engines, dual USB ports, and built-in MP3 compression for exporting audio directly to a computer.
  The Peavey mixing console employs state-of-the-art technology to enhance live sound reproduction and project studio recording, including Silencer mic preamps, which allow very high gain with low noise and distortion for crystal-clear signal reproduction. 
  Dual USB ports allow streaming of digital audio directly to a computer or memory stick and also feature exclusive, built-in MP3 compression. The 4 pre-fader auxes per channel”used with 4 master aux controls”facilitate use as a live sound monitor mixer, while the 2 post-fader auxes are ideal for adding effects (those built-in or outboard). 
  The Peavey mixer’s dual DSP engines enable you to use multiple effects simultaneously assignable to any channel via aux 5/6 or DSP engine 2. Onboard effects include reverb, delay, compression, de-esser, chorus, and gate/expander.

12 Silencer Mic Pre XLR inputs
2 stereo channels with dual mic/line inputs
Dual DSP engine with digital effects and output processing
USB “A” connection for memory stick
USB “B” connection for digital audio output and input
3-band EQ with sweepable mid-frequency and fixed low cut filters
48 volt phantom power
6 AUX sends
4 sub groups


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