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Line 6 Relay G50-RX


Relay G50-RX

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Included in Relay G50. This lightweight, low-profile receiver features bright LEDs to indicate battery power, RF and audio status. More than just a replacement receiver, G50-RX provides a high-quality, cost-effective way to split your guitar signal. To drive multiple amps free of ground loop, buzz, hum and electrical shock hazards, set multiple receivers to the same channel as your transmitter. Features include a rugged polycarbonate shell, external antennas, and dedicated tuner output. Can be used with V75-HHTX, V70-HHTX, V55-HHTX, V35-HHTX, V30-HHTX, V75-BP, V70-BP, V55-BP, V35-BP, V30-BP, Relay G90, G50, and G30 Bodypack transmitters.


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