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Peavey Solo Guitar Amp 00476100

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Peavey Solo Battery Powered Guitar Amp

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Battery powered PA.This unit represents the ultimate in a compact, complete and portable powered P.A. System. With its ability to use both AC power or batteries, the Solo can be used for both indoor and outdoor PA requirements. Its size and weight make it easy to carry and use. There are many places where you need amplification, and it’s just not practical to load or unload a lot of equipment. With the Solo, you have a ready-made P.A. system that you can carry like an attache’ case and still get great sound no matter where you are.


8 inch heavy-duty speaker
Two channels
Mic channel features low Z input
2-band EQ
Tape out jack
AC adaptor or battery power (not included)
High and low impedance inputs
Lightweight, fully self-contained
15 watts (rms) from AC power
10 watts (rms) from battery power
Weight Unpacked: 12.80 lb(5.806 kg)
Weight Packed: 15.00 lb(6.804 kg)
Width Packed: 8.62″(21.8948 cm)
Height Packed: 14.8″(37.592 cm)
Depth Packed: 14.75″(37.465 cm)


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