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Peavey Solo Guitar Amp 00584610

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PEAVEY Solo Guitar Amp

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Item #: 00584610


The basic building blocks of the TransTube sound are the exclusive designs of the preamp and power amp. The preamp section tailors gain to meet the need for any amount of drive, from crystal clear to thick, smooth sustain. The power amp reacts just like a tube output section by responding to the preamp with natural compression that increases as the amp gets louder. With TransTube, you get a killer amp with wide ranging dynamics and natural “grit,” just like a tube amp!


12 Watts (rms)
8″ Blue Marvel speaker
TransTube tube emulation circuitry
Clean and Lead channels
3 band passive EQ
¼” stereo CD Input / Direct Out jack
Low damping factor for lively tube power amp sound.
Headphone jack
Weight Unpacked: 12.00 lb(5.443 kg)
Weight Packed: 14.00 lb(6.35 kg)
Width Packed: 9.75″(24.765 cm)
Height Packed: 16.12″(40.9448 cm)
Depth Packed: 14.87″(37.7698 cm)


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