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Gibraltar Stealth Side Mounting System


Stealth Side Mounting System

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The GSSMS Side Stealth Mounting system is a low-profile side rack with two vertical posts that measure 18.5 inches tall, with a 30-inch straight cross bar. The Stealth Rack is ideal for the drummer who wants the convenience of a rack system without excess bulk. Multiple drums, cymbals and accessories can be mounted to the rack, clearing up floor space and providing consistent placement and positioning. · Low profile, discrete · Multiple applications · Holds multiple drums, cymbals, accessories · Fits in a bag · Consists of (2) 18.5-inch vertical posts; (1) 30-inch straight cross bar; (2) chrome right angle clamps; (2) chrome T leg assemblies; 2 sets of 3/4, 7/8, and 1-inch nylon bushings

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