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A professional-quality foot controller for your apps. Though StompBox is not limited to musical applications, it provides functionality that any musician will love. With its 4 assignable foot switches and pedal input jack, StompBox can turn a compatible iOS device (i.e., iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) into a portable, programmable effects board and practice rig, effectively recreating the experience of an actual pedalboard. StompBox plugs into your iPad or other iOS device with a built-in 1-meter-long heavy-duty dock connector cable. Musicians will appreciate its industry-standard 1/4 inch. mono plug, ready and waiting to receive a wide range of variable input expression pedals, including volume and wah-wah. An inexpensive expression pedal (available at musical instrument stores for as little as $15) gives your foot control over the amount of chorus or distortion, etc., something a simple button-click can’t do. For the non-musician, a pedal can control parameters within apps that are commonly handled by sliders or knobs. Musicians will love StompBox in combination with iShred Live, a full-featured guitar effects package from Frontier Design Group, available as a free download from the App Store. StompBox also works with Qscript, a teleprompter app for iPad. For your speeches and presentations, Qscript replaces that stack of note cards with easily readable text that scrolls across your iPad automatically, at a speed that’s adjustable for your comfort. Add StompBox and you can control the scrolling and other presentation functions with one foot. Whether you’re a player or a speaker, our StompBox can add another dimension of control for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.


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