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Triple-Play Cajon


Triple-Play Cajon

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A first of its kind, an all-in-one cajon designed to produce a great variation of cajon styles and sounds together in one drum features three distinctive playing surfaces each producing different sounds. The front (middle) playing surface is constructed of premium Beech Wood and features no screws – this playing surface is designed to play 3 sounds in itself, with the top left and right sides playing as a bongo cajon and the lower portion playing the bass of a conga cajon. The playing surface on the left side features Dark Ebony and is equipped with snares to play and sound like most traditional cajons. The playing surface to the right features a Red Oak front plate with no snare and plays much like the popular Criollo Cajon with a traditional Peruvian sound and feel. 35cm playing surfaces make this drum the same size as our other 35 Series cajons. This all-in-one cajon is designed to create the most commonly used cajon sounds, making this drum a must-have for any percussionist!

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