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Aguilar AG 5J-Hot 5-string J Bass Pickup Set – Hot

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5-string J Bass Pickup Set with 6mm Alnico V Magnets and 42-gauge Heavy Formvar Copper Wire with Cloth Covering

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Full and Loud – Great for Driving an Amp

If you play modern or aggressive music with your J Bass and need red-hot output to drive your amp, get yourself a set of Aguilar AG 5J-Hot pickups. This overwound pair uses large 6mm magnets to carry your beefiest riffs all the way to your back row. The AG 5J-Hots have great dynamics despite their terrorizing output – you can really feel it when you dig in with your pick and fingers. And because they’re quiet, you can lay your distortion on thick without your tone falling apart. Sweetwater bassists stand behind our Aguilar pickups.

World-famous Bass Players Choose Aguilar

Aguilar Amplification’s pickups, preamps, amplifiers, effects, and cabinets are created by bass players, for bass players. Whether you’re playing out live or recording in the studio, Aguilar Amplification products are designed to give you the best experience possible. World-famous bassists like John Patitucci (Chick Corea), Adam Clayton (U2), and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai) have discovered the tone, power, and reliability of Aguilar products – call Sweetwater today to find out for yourself!

Aguilar AG 5J-Hot Pickup Set Features:

  • Hot, defined, and dynamic
  • Overwound with 42AWG heavy formvar copper wire for super high output
  • Great for modern rock, punk, and metal
  • Drives the input stage of your bass amp for natural overdrive
  • Made with Alnico V magnets for musical dynamics
  • Single conductor, cloth-covered cable
  • Pairs great with Aguilar’s OBP onboard preamps
  • Fits Jazz Bass-style instruments

Turbocharge your J Bass with Aguilar AG 5J-Hot pickups!


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