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Peavey Ecoustic E20 Acoustic Guitar Amp 03599640

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Peavey Ecoustic E20 Acoustic Guitar Amp

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Peavey Ecoustic Series amplifiers are highly versatile amplification systems designed for acoustic instruments, vocals and line-level devices such as samplers and audio players in performance and rehearsal applications. The Ecoustic E20 is rated at 20 watts, and has a compact, lightweight design that make it ideal for rehearsals. The 2 separate inputs make the E20 ideal for sharing small rehearsal spaces with an another player, or playing along to pre-recorded material.


8 inch extended range speaker
Two separate channels
2-band EQ per channel
Headphone out
20 watts
Weight Unpacked: 16.31 lb(7.4 kg)
Weight Packed: 20.28 lb(9.2 kg)
Width Packed: 17.75″(45.085 cm)
Height Packed: 18.75″(47.625 cm)
Depth Packed: 13.25″(33.655 cm)



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