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KAT Percussion – Electronic Drum & Percussion MultiPad

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KTMP1 – Electronic Drum & Percussion Pad Sound Module

The KAT ktmp1 is the quick and easy solution to expand any setup. Playable with both hands or sticks, this single module adds electronic drum, dance, and percussion sounds immediately to your fingertips. This compact and affordable module features 50 high-quality, fully-adjustable, multi-purpose sounds. Sounds can be tuned, panned and assigned to one of the four highly-responsive pads. Additionally, you can fine-tune reverb, sensitivity and level control to shape every sound to perfectly suit your needs.

The KAT ktmp1 is a great addition to any drum set, percussion rig, DJ set-up and is also the perfect tool for laying down studio tracks.


• KTMP1 Pad/Sound Module
• Stand Mount
• Power Supply
• User Manual

Stands, pedals, and any other accessories shown are sold separately.

KTMP1 Multipad Overview
This video showcases some of the internal sounds of this drum module, multipad unit.

Kat Percussion KTMP1 Multipad with Drum Set
Check out the KAT KTMP1 Multipad added to an acoustic drum set. There’s much fun to be had here and music to be made with this awesome combination! Simple to use with 50 high quality sounds built in.



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