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VHT Redline AV-RL-20R 20 Watt Amp

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VHT Redline AV-RL-20R 20 Watt Amp


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Red is the new black! VHT takes the pole position with aggressive styling and real spring reverb in a package that’s never been this affordable. Sporting two channels and vintage-voiced Low, Mid and High tone controls, the versatile VHT RedLine 20 Reverb provides the full range of contemporary amp tones.

The RedLine 20 Reverb’s great sounding clean channel is further enhanced by the rich sound of its spring reverb tank. To take the amp’s range of tones to the limit, the Drive channel has four footswitchable modes: Overdrive, Distortion, Metal, and the extremely maxed-out high-gain RedLine mode. All of the Drive modes respond extremely well to volume control changes and pick dynamics.

The RedLine 20 Reverb’s open-back cabinet allows its VHT Special Design 8” speaker to breathe and fill the room with great multi-directional sound. Additional features include an auxiliary input, ¼” headphone jack and an external speaker out for adding a larger cabinet when more volume is desired.

Model Name: VHT RedLine 20R Combo Guitar Amplifier
Model Number: AV-RL-20R
Max Output: 20 watts
Channels 2 channels – clean & drive
Controls: Clean Volume, Low, Mid, High, Gain, Level, Reverb
Switches: Power, four Drive modes, optional footswitch
Effects: Reverb
Speaker: 8″ VHT Special Design, open-back cabinet
Jacks: Input, Aux in, Footswitch, Headphone, Extension Speaker
Dimesions: (H x W x D) 12.625’’ x 12.75’’ x 8.25” (320mm x 325mm x 210mm)
Weight: 16 pounds (7.25 kg)



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