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HOHNER Blues Band Harmonica Value Pack C, G & A

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HOHNER Blues Band Harmonica Value Pack C, G & A

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The diatonic harmonica, also known as blues harp, offers simple major scales and chords. Special playing techniques like bendings and overbends extend the tonal range. Its sound is typical for blues, folk, and country, but also pop and rock.

The Hohner Blues Band Value Pack contains three of the most popular keys (C, G & A) of the Hohner Blues Band harmonica.

The Hohner Blues Band harp has been used by many beginners, and it has helped them become the musical players they are today. It is easy to play and perfect for new players looking for a durable mouth organ on a low budget. It is part of the Hohner enthusiast series and comes with a plastic comb, that produces a bright and clear tone.

Save money by ordering this pack instead of three individual Mouth organs.

  • Comb: ABS, black
  • Number of hole: 10
  • Reeds: 20 brass
  • Reed Plates: 0.9mm brass
  • Read Plate Surface: brass
  • Cover Surface: stainless steel
  • Pack includes 3 x Blues Band harmonicas in Keys: C, G & A


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