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iRing(TM) is the first wearable, touch-less, low-cost music controller that lets you make great music simply by waving your hands in front of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Just slip on one or more of the three included cool-looking and comfortable rings, and you’re ready to go. iRing uses advanced image-recognition technology, letting the camera of your mobile device detect three-dimensional gestures as you move your hands around. Your control options change depending on which ring, or combination of rings, you’re wearing. Your movements are instantly recognized by one of the two free companion apps – iRing FX/Controller or iRing Music Maker – which can then control specific settings on any Core MIDI-compliant music apps running on your device. Since MIDI is a standard protocol, it’s supported by literally hundreds of the most popular music-making apps! If you’re a beginner, the included iRing Music Maker app lets you combine grooves, melodies and effects – with no music knowledge required – for hours of endless fun. If you’re a pro musician or DJ, the iRing FX/Controller app lets you create custom control setups for your favorite music apps, helping you take your performances to the next level.


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