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Nady SCM-700 8-piece Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle


Nady SCM-700 8-piece Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle


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Nady SCM-700

Studio Condenser Microphone

  • The most versatile, professional recording microphone ever made for use with smartphones, tablets, computers, and mixers
  • Accepts phantom power from 5V to 48V for use in any recording environment
  • Cardioid polar pattern pickup
  • Compact and durable, with high-quality plastic/metal construction


The SCM-700 is a high quality studio condenser microphone made for just about any application imaginable from smart devices to live/studio professional mixers and audio equipment. Features 16mm capsule with frequency response of 20Hz- 20kHz, ensuring that every sound will be captured as intended. The included XLR to TRS and TRRS adapter even enables you to take the show on the road by connecting your smart device, and record crystal clear audio every time with your favorite app.


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