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Peavey Impulse® 5C – Weather-Resistant Loudspeaker

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Peavey Impulse® 5C – Weather-Resistant Loudspeaker


The Impulse 5c two-way speaker system is a lightweight-yet-rugged molded sound reinforcement enclosure. Designed for install applications, these weather resistant speakers are ideal for music playback or speech. These units are compatible with 100v, 70v or standard 8 ohm inputs. For 100v, 70v transformer operation there are selectable power levels. For 100v (70v) settings, there is a 15W(7.5W), 10W(5W), 7.5W(3.75W), and 5W(2.5W) tap selection.

  • Two-way sound reinforcement enclosure
  • 5″ woofer
  • 100v, 70v or 8 ohm operation
  • 50W power handling
  • Weather resistant
  • Designed to meet IP44 specifications
  • Metal grille
  • Durable molded enclosure
  • Includes steel wall mounting bracket


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