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ROLAND FR-1x Piano Type V-Accordion


ROLAND FR-1x Piano Type V-Accordion




V-Accordions have revolutionized the music world, and Roland has dedicated itself to the ongoing development of these amazing instruments. The FR-1x series is the newest addition to the famous V-Accordion family. These compact, lightweight models offer the same flexibility and portability as their popular FR-1 predecessors, but add significant features, including USB functionality and advanced bellows-pressure circuitry for enhanced sensitivity and precision. With new-generation speakers onboard and an expanded 7-segment/3-character display, the FR-1x piano-type and FR-1xb button-type set a powerful standard for a small lightweight accordion. (Under 15 lbs.*)

  • Full range high quality speakers on board in bass reflex box: 7 W x 2
  • USB memory port for Wave/MP3 player, new-sounds upload, data loading/saving
  • Professional look with friendly user interface and 7-segment LED
  • Standard and Free Bass modes
  • 16 Accordion Sets, 16 Orchestral sounds, four Virtual Tone Wheel presets, eight User Programs
  • Available in black or red

SIZE  –  (W)  16″, (D) 14-3/8″, (H)  7-11/16″     WEIGHT –  14 lbs. 6 oz.*
* Weight excluding straps and battery.


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