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VHT Redline 80S – Stereo Combo


VHT Redline 80S – Stereo Combo

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Designed for stereo effects, the VHT RedLine 80S features a stereo effects loop, two independent 40-watt power amps, and two 10” speakers. (It can also be used with mono effects.)

Like VHT’s other RedLine amps, the 80s has Clean and Drive channels, real spring reverb and vintage-voiced Low, Mid and High tone controls. The Drive channel’s four footswitchable modes provide the full range of contemporary amp tones.

With two VHT Special Design 10” speakers and open-back cabinet design, the 80S fills the room with great multi-directional sound. The Aux input accepts a wide variety of stereo playback devices, and delivers the sound in true stereo to its headphone jack and speakers.


The 80S takes the RedLine series to the next level with a stereo effects loop, and two independent power amps driving a pair of 10″ speakers. Stereo chorus and delay sound amazing, and you can run two independent effects loops simultaneously, with contrasting effects in each loop. This offers many opportunities for new textures and spatial dimensions. Feel free to explore the new frontier.


Model Name: VHT RedLine 80S Stereo Combo Amplifier
Model Number: AV-RL-80S
Max Output: 80 watts (40 watts per side)
Channels 1 channel
Controls: Clean Volume, Low, Mid, High, Gain, Level, Reverb
Switches: Power, four Drive modes, Effects Loop Mono/Stereo switch, optional footswitch
Effects: Reverb
Speaker: Two 10″ VHT Special Design, open-back cabinet
Jacks: Input, Aux in, Stereo Effects Loop, Footswitch, Headphone, Extension Speaker
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 17.75’’ x 23.625’’ x 9.5” (450mm x 600mm x 240mm)
Weight: 33.25 pounds (15.1kg)


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