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Zoom AC-3 Acoustic Creator Acoustic Guitar Pedal

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Ibanez AC-3 Acoustic Creator Acoustic Guitar Pedal


Like its little brother, the AC-3 Acoustic Creator is an enhanced direct box with essential DI features that help you achieve great tone no matter where you play. The AC-3 is equipped with an effects generator, stereo outputs, and a compressor. With these features plus the same high-quality preamp and 3-band EQ as the AC-2, the AC-3 is an all-in-one acoustic toolkit that’s perfect for live performance and studio.

  • 16 source guitar type/body presets for accurate tone reproduction
  • 15 target guitar type/body presets for tonal remodeling
  • ¼” input
  • Two XLR balanced outs
  • Two ¼” outputs for mono or stereo connection to guitar amps, headphones, and audio interfaces
  • 9 effects with adjustable parameters
  • High-quality, low noise preamp
  • Piezo/magnetic input pickup select
  • Built-in compressor


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