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Peavey PR 10D Powered Speaker


 Peavey PR 10D Powered Bi-Amplified Two-Way Speaker



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 The Peavey PR 10D Powered Bi-Amplified Two-Way Speaker System features a bi-amped power section that provides 150W power for the woofer and 50W power for the compression driver tweeter, both of which come with Peavey DDT compression. This system is capable of up to 119 dB peak SPL. Along with a 10″ heavy-duty woofer and the RX14 compression driver, the PR 10D Speaker System also provides an XLR and 1/4″ phone combo jack with mic/line switchable level and balanced input with volume control.

The enclosure utilizes tough polypropylene in an injection-molded plastic trapezoidal form with a coated steel grille to offer an attractive yet durable, powered speaker system. The unit is AC power line fuse protected from overloads and fault conditions with a fast-blow 3.15A fuse. This fuse is located within the cap of the enclosure.

The RX14 compression driver is driven by a 50W class D power amplifier and features a 1.4″ titanium diaphragm coupled to a smooth and well-controlled constant directivity horn (with a coverage pattern of 90˚ by 40˚), which is molded integrally into the enclosure. A balanced input to the preamp/EQ electronics consists of one combo female XLR and 1/4″ TRS phone jack. The preamp is switchable between mic-level and line-level sensitivity. Two 1/4″ phone jacks are provided for link-out/direct-in capability. The link-out is a post-level and pre-crossover output, while the direct-in is a direct pre-crossover input.

The woofer servo technology senses back-EMF from the woofer voice coil that is not a result of the drive signal, and subtracts the error so that the woofer cone follows the drive waveform precisely. Additionally, it is designed with a constant loudness (Fletcher-Munson) circuit for accentuating bass and treble at low listening volume levels. The power amplifiers providing bi-amplification are low-distortion units providing 150W continuous RMS into the nominal 8Ω load of the woofer and a 50W continuous RMS into the nominal 8 Ω load of the tweeter.

Both amplifiers feature DDT compression, which virtually eliminates audible power amplifier clipping. A molded-in handle provides ease of transport while multiple mounting points (top and bottom) for the Peavey Versamount rack mount (sold separately) allow maximum utility.

The PR 10D System has a variety of applications such as sound reinforcement, public addressing, side fill system, karaoke or musical playback, etc. With a monitor stand kit (sold separately), the PR 10D System makes for good stage monitor. A typical signal source for the line-level inputs of this system would be a sound reinforcement mixing console (mixer) or the output from a CD player, iPod player, or tape deck. A microphone (sold separately) can be connected and used as well.


Bi-amplified Class D powered system with 200W total power
Both power amps have DDT compression
10″ Heavy-duty woofer with a 2.37″ voice coil
Woofer servo technology for reduced woofer distortion
Automatic equal loudness (Fletcher-Munson)
RX14 1.4″ titanium compression driver
Peak SPL of up to 119 dB
Combo jack with 1/4″ TRS and female XLR mic or line-level balanced input
Two 1/4″ phone jacks for link-out/direct-in capability
Unit has a horn spatially aligned with the woofer, avoiding phase alignment or time delay of the signals
Molded-in horn with smooth response and pattern control
Top and side handgrips
Lightweight, molded-in body pole mount
Top and bottom flying point inserts


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